people & heartE.M. Network

Composed of two main panels: Consumer panel and Healthcare panel. Both offer a great diversity of profiles and cover all regions in Portugal. These panels database are constantly updated and are registered in the CNPD (the Portuguese Data Protection Authority), complying with the provisions of Law 67/98, 26th October on the Protection of Personal Data.



teamwork & meetingFocus groups facilities 

Meeting room that can be used for interviews or focus-groups up to 10 participants. Viewing room with one-way mirror, equipped for simultaneous translation, with sitting for up to 8 people attend to interviews and focus groups. Chance of audio  and video recording. Rooms with TV, video, camera and mp3 devices. Click here:



woman & phoneCall center

Call-center equipped with 15 working stations and viewing room with sitting up to 3 people, so you can see and listen the interviews during fieldwork.



businessman & laptopPlatform for online studies

Software for online studies, using our database of participants or your database (contacts/clients).