About Us

About Us

Our story begins in 2012, as a resulte of the economic crises that Portugal was going through. After the closure of the company where a group of colleagues worked for 10 years, two friends decided to join and start a new venture. Together they got down to work and founded E.M.!

Leaving the usual business model and using the know-how acquired in market research, consumer behaviour and social research, E.M. is then created, a company that is close, dynamic, proactive and always focused on the needs of its clients. 

This is the story of a company, but it is also the story of two friends who love what they do. A story where there is a lot of laughter, a lot of complicity, emotion and growth side by side. We started timidly in the national market, but now we are a company that works with clients from several continents. 

We started our activity in a coworking space, but we are currently based in the centre of Lisbon in an independent office, with a meeting room with viewing, and a kitchen equipped for product testing (experimental kitchen). 

Partners & Head of Research Team

Carina Balcão

With a degree in Social Sciences, a specialization in Psychology, has attended the Masters in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing. Works in market research since 1997 and is a member of ESOMAR.
Expert in fieldwork and consumer behaviour.
Carina believes that teamwork is the best way to achieve goals. She can't be still, loves getting lost in nature and can't do without the sea and the beach. She is passionate about family, friends and life in general. She volunteers in several associations, including an animal shelter.

Sonia Casneuf Gouveia

With a degree in Sociology and a postgraduate degree in Communication, Culture and Information Technologies. Member of ESOMAR.
Has been working in market research since 2002. Specialist in data analysis and social investigation, she is always attentive to details and welcomes new projects with enthusiasm! 
Sónia always carries a book behind, loves to walk and it's not difficult to find her in the middle of the mountain with her camera or feeding a cat colony.

We monitor all stages of our studies, from project design to fieldwork, data interpretation and analysis, and research recommendation.​

We have an experienced multidisciplinary team of qualitative and quantitative experts, supervisors, interviewers, mystery shopper auditors, transcribers, translators and interpreters. 

Our customers are part of who we are. We work with large, medium and small companies, national and international companies, universities and public institutes and even other market research companies that seek our experience and know-how. 

Accuracy, Transparency, Impartiality, Innovation and Honesty are the values we stand for.